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About us
Human Nature Projects (Kazakhstan) is a newly created branch of the international NGO - the Human Nature Projects. Organization unites the volunteers in 106 countries all over the world, and our main goal is to promote the environmental awareness of people with the primary focus on nature and animal protection through the provision of educational materials and encouraging community dialogue.
What we do
We create educational materials for schools and eco-clubs with the aim of promotion of environmental and conservation movements’ goals. Moreover, we concentrate on the promotion of sustainable development of environmental awareness in international and Kazakhstancommunities as well as encourage the dialogue among young people about the ecological issues.

Meet our team

Our team of young professionals with the dedication towards environmental protection and promotion of conservation movement's values

Elliot Connor
Founder & CEO of
HNP International
Dmitriy Pak
National Director of Kazakhstan
Oleg Rudakov
Director of Community Outreach
Darya Konysheva
Director of Projects
Elvira Salykova
Director of PR and Communication
Vadim Yugai
Education Specialist 

"Human Nature can redefine the conservation market, helping it become more inviting to those that want to help whilst providing guarantees that the help delivered will be effective."

- Joshua Dixon

Contact us
Phone: +7 708 385 36 93; +7 707 518 58 04
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